Sunday, December 10, 2006

Saginaw Wedding DJ Entertainment

Saginaw DJs: Does your DJ fit the bill?

The chance for success of your wedding will depend on the ability of your DJ in Saginaw to effectively entertain your guests. Ask anyone who has been to a wedding reception with a second rate band or Saginaw DJ. Guests remember the wedding as being the best ever, or the worst ever based on how much fun he or she had on the dance floor. If the entertainment is bad, there is nothing anyone can do to improve your party.

Here are some questions you should ask to help ensure you find the perfect disc jockey for your wedding:

Will the person you are interviewing be your personal disc jockey? You have to be cautious of companies that sell their experienced services from the owner who then send out a DJ in training.

Is your Saginaw DJ a full-time entertainer? Our full-time DJs in Saginaw are serious and experienced about the business of entertaining. They have a greater stake in making sure your wedding is a success than a part-timer because they count on your referrals and good references.

Is your DJ experienced at organizing receptions? Weddings are not just about playing music. There is a lot of planning that needs to occur to ensure an organized reception. Make sure your DJ knows the activities that need to occur throughout the evening and that he/she is able to council you on how your event should run.

Most DJs in Saginaw have references from past clients and other wedding professionals. If your DJ is excellent then he/she should have satisfied customers and vendors to sing his/her praises. Dont be afraid to ask for references, the DJ should be eager to give them to you. Make sure you contact several of them.

Is your DJ willing to be flexible with your wishes and with requests from your guests on the evening of your wedding? Excellent entertainers are flexible. They will take requests, dedications and play all types of music. Weddings are very diverse. Being able to cater to most of the guests should be important to you. Saginaw DJs should know all the hot songs for all the genres of music to balance the entertainment for everyone.

Is your DJ a team player? It is critical that your DJ works well with all of your other wedding vendors. A successful wedding reception can only happen by all of your wedding professionals working together. Big egos can cause big problems. If you suspect the DJ you are interviewing has a bad attitude, move on.

The entertainer you choose may very well guarantee the success of your reception. The time and research you put into choosing one of the many Saginaw DJs is critical. Ask questions, check references and go with your instincts. When you and your guests are dancing the night away at your reception, you will know it was time well spent.