Sunday, September 30, 2007

Saginaw September 29

The magic continues!

This dance floor was HOPPIN!!
(here a shot taken with a flash, its not really that bright in there)

RED beams moved about the room.
A cool effect you almost have to see for yourself.

I really like performing at the local events. Something about it that is just different. This one here at Pulaski Hall in Saginaw.
Played a mix of music for the young and older, from country to classic rock, and some polka stuff by request.
"I can believe all the people still here dancing. Most people clear out by 10-11, but everyone is staying and having a great time, this is amazing" - Mark Gath (groom)
I bumped into some guests who had attended a prior COMET event this year. People were saying "hey! I was just at one of your shows last month". Small world it is.

Every week there is something different to remind me how much I love this job!

Until next week...


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