Sunday, September 16, 2007

Frankenmuth September 15


This week the bride and groom said they were going to "bring it". Which meant their group was prepared to party down on the dance floor. And did they ever. Wow! Everyone had so much fun we ended up going an hour and half past the scheduled time! And the feedback received was fantastic. I seriously had a blast myself and met some of the greatest people ever. Tonight was truely magical.


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This DJ is the real deal! Robert controlled the tempo and flow of our evening perfectly. He threw in some creative surprises throughout the evening to personalize our special night and the crowed really loved it. About the time when wedding guests are starting to get tired and slowly filter out of the event, ours were still begging for more. Robert delivered more dancing and entertainment long after the bar had closed. Thank you for making our once-in-a-lifetime occasion one that we will never forget!

All the best,
Al Minar

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